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Benefits of Attending an Education Fair.

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Thinking of studying abroad might be challenging for you but do you know it’s really easy to make an application to the university and get your visa on hand?

Really! if you know the entire process and get all the information in your pocket, it’s definitely easy to make a plan for higher study abroad, Yes! if you obviously attend an overseas education fair, you’ll get everything in hand as you’ll be able to meet a bunch of university official delegates and interact with them regarding your options.

Now let’s see, what benefits you might get from an overseas education fair.

1. Free counseling:

You will have the chance to get free counseling directly from the university’s official delegates where he/she will guide you on your plan and choice of study destination. You’ll also have guidance on tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, maintenance funds, scholarships, and more.

2. Chance to win a Scholarship:

It’s really a great chance for those students to join an event who is seeking to win a scholarship in order to support their studies. Most universities offer direct scholarships to students on the spot based on the student’s academic background.

3. Study Option Exploration:

If you join an overseas education fair, you’ll have a chance to meet a good number of universities at a time that will definitely help you compare the universities in order to find out the suitable one for you.

Apart from this, you’ll have chances to get a spot assessment on your eligibility to study abroad, and if you’re lucky enough you might have chances to get on-the-spot admission.

Do you know we (EN Global Education Ltd. arrange multiple overseas education fairs every year in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, and Nepal, so, if you’re from one of these countries, you can also attend our fair in order to explore your study abroad options?

To get an update on our upcoming fair, you can follow our Social channels where we regularly publish the new dates, or alternatively, can you contact us via 01730599332, 01713294184, 01752653121.