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All about CAS

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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies is mostly referred to as CAS. A student’s visa application needs the CAS, an electronic record that the university creates for the Home Office. CAS number and CAS statement, which lists the information that has been forwarded to the UKVI, will be created by the university and emailed to the student. The last piece of information the university gives a student before they may apply for a visa is the CAS.

When will a student get their CAS letter?

A student can request for their CAS once they have met all the conditions on their offer letter which could be either to pay a part of their tuition fees, clear a pre CAS interview or provide English Language Proficiency Test certificate.

How will a student request for their CAS after meeting all the conditions?

Although each university has its unique method for requesting for the CAS, this is typically how it works:

  • The university will send you a CAS shield link which contains a number of steps. You can be asked to send some documents as well as academic proofs, financial documents, Tuberculosis (TB) certificate, etc. Once the required steps are filled, the student will get their CAS soon.
  • For some universities, students will receive emails with forms which has to be filled
  • Some universities require the students to email

A student make sure their requesting for their CAS before the CAS issuance deadline is passed.

What does Joint CAS stand for?

The students who will be enrolled in multiple courses at the same university will receive this CAS number. Students who have both CAS numbers can apply for a single visa that will allow them to stay in the UK until both of their studies are completed.