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For overseas students, Duolingo has created the DET, Duolingo English Test, an online test of English proficiency.
Compared to other English language proficiency tests, it is quick, convenient, and more affordable. With the aid of a computer and webcam, you can take the exam from home, eliminating the need for an appointment or trip to a testing location.
The Duolingo English test lasts for a little under an hour. There are two parts to the exam section of the Duolingo English Test. They are:
• The graded section comes first, and it consists of a number of speaking, reading, writing, and listening tasks.
• The second exam part, which is comprised of a video interview and a writing sample, is not scored.
How much does DET cost and how do I register for it?
The cost of the Duolingo exam is $49. From the day of your initial purchase, you have 90 days to take the exam. After creating an account on the Duolingo test website and filling out all the necessary information, you may register for your test. Next, you must purchase the exam and make payment.
The majority of universities will admit you if you receive an overall score of over 120. Duolingo issues certificates as proof of completion. By logging in to the Duolingo English website, one can access the certificate and view the result.