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All about Letter of Recommendations (LOR)

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So, if you’ve ever done research on the documents required to apply to universities abroad, you’re definitely aware that the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a crucial component of the paperwork required for university applications. They are usually two types: Academic or Professional LOR.
It is a document that gives the admissions committees a thorough understanding of your application. LORs are typically written by a dependable source who attests to your experience, skills, knowledge, and accomplishments, such as your employer or a professor from your college. Also as most universities demand that this letter be written on the employer’s or academic institution’s official letterhead, make sure yours is. It depends on the university you’re applying to whether they require one LOR or two or three LORS. Additionally, make sure to choose a person who considers your academic and professional achievements for a considerable amount of time rather than someone who barely knows you.
Since, your teacher/ employer is recommending you, it is best that you remind them about your achievements relevant to your field of study. Also tell them about your work and the universities and courses you are applying to.
Lastly, make sure select the right recommender and that your LORs aren’t similar to each other whether it’s academic or professional.