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What’s an Education Fair?

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Education fairs are an excellent platform to build a network and achieve your goals.

They are excellent modes to learn about new schools, programs, and career opportunities. They also provide a chance to speak with professionals from various schools and organizations. There are many education fairs that are being held in major cities in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria and Pakistan throughout the year. It will help international students to get the right information that they are looking for.

Do your research

Education fair is merely a medium for you to achieve your end goal of finding the right university for you. It would be extremely helpful for you to gain a basic idea about the fair you are attending and what exactly it offers. Not all fairs might offer what you are looking for so it would do well for you to go through the fair’s website or brochure to gain a better idea beforehand.

Moreover, there is usually a large crowd at the fair which is why the chances of you being able to visit all the representatives are slim. Thus, it is a good idea to find out which universities are attending so you can directly visit the top prospects instead of going to all of them.

Reasons to attend Education Fair

  1. Meet university representatives

Students will have the opportunity to meet university face to face, along with interacting with official representatives, and alumni. They can ask a variety of questions related to the university and course that they intend to apply for.

  • Get to know about Scholarship and Financial aid

Representatives from colleges and universities will be able to provide you with information about scholarships, loans, and other financial aid.

  • Opportunity to know about colleges and universities

Students can get information about their programs and admissions requirements. You will stay updated with the latest trends and developments in education. You can also get free materials and resources, such as college catalogues, brochures, etc.

  • Speak with other students and network

It is a great way to get advice from those who have already gone through the application process and attending college as well as those who are searching for the same answers as you regarding higher education. You can also use this opportunity to build a connection with new people who share the same interests.

  • Get tips regarding the application process

Admissions officers usually share what they look for when assessing applications, what common mistakes to avoid, and how to go the extra mile to make yourself stand out. Ask more questions to show your enthusiasm level or interest to study at their university. The admission officers look at your body language and tone based on these factors they decide what and how much information to provide.