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Why consider studying in Ireland?

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With time, Irish universities are becoming as known as other universities throughout the world in terms of rankings. Ireland provides an ideal setting for overseas students, with a welcoming and secure community, top-notch academics, and breathtaking nature. So you could consider Ireland because:

  • #10 in the world for highly regarded scientific research
  • Wide swaths of beautiful, green fields can be seen across Ireland. In reality, it is referred to as the Emerald Isle. Therefore, if you love nature, this site is ideal for you.
  • Students get 2-year post-study work visa
  • Ireland is neighboring to major European cities and only a short flight away, making it simple to travel across the rest of Europe while you are there.
  • All universities in the top 5% worldwide.
  • Since many major companies have their European headquarters in Ireland, there are fantastic career chances for international graduates there. Additionally, most institutions include internship opportunities, which are a good opportunity to get practical work experience.
  • Listed as the 13th-most quiet location on Earth.