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UK Immigration Questions for Students

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So you are all packed and ready to go the UK in you desired university. But you are still nervous after you have heard from some friends or from other sources that sometimes immigration officer ask questions before going through immigration check at the airport or just before boarding the flight to UK. In such cases, it would be helpful to keep in mind of what questions the immigration officer might ask you.

Some questions are listed below:

  • What’s your purpose for going to UK?
  • Where will you study in the UK?
  • Which course will you study?
  • When does the class start?
  • What’s your tuition fee? How much did you pay?
  • Who is going to cover your expenses in the UK?
  • Are you travelling alone or with someone you know?
  • Do you have any relatives/friends in the UK?
  • Who will pick you up from the airport?
  • Do you plan to work in the UK?
  • What’s you plan after finishing your studies in the UK?
  • Where will you be staying in the UK? Did you book this accommodation?
  • Do you have any cash with you? If so, how much?

Please note that questions are not limited to the above only. You can expect more or less about those topics.