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Which Degree Should You Pursue in 2023: Finance or Economics?

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The Difference

Economics is the broader discipline, which deals with the different ways in which goods and services are created, distributed, and sold. Economics also analyses regional and global economies or markets and looks at the behaviour of people (e.g. what they buy, why they buy, where they buy from).Finance is more specific and mainly deals with financial systems. Finance looks at banking institutions and policies, credits, investments, savings, and so on. It also studies the creation and management of money.

Finance VS Economics specializations

Finance specializations Global Finance Financial Management Sustainable Finance Investment Management Banking  Economics specializations Applied Economics Health Economics Development Economics Public Economics Behavioral Economics

Finance VS Economics classes

Not all Finance or Economics studies are created equal. Each academic programme has a curriculum and educational objectives, which can vary widely. This is why you should always check the courses you’ll take in order to better understand if that degree is a good fit.

Finance VS Economics skills

Gather, organize and interpret data, work with statistics, analyze and evaluate investments, financial reporting, analytical ability, problem-solving skills, accounting skills (especially for financial experts).

As we have seen, finance VS economics is not a topic that is cut and dry. That’s because the fields of economics and finance are not mutually exclusive. And they are both solid paths to secure employment. There is much overlap between economics and finance, and they complement each other in many ways. A finance professional such as a financial analyst who sees the larger economic picture would definitely have some benefits. Being an economist with a deep understanding of how policy affects corporate and personal bottom lines would, as well. But there are some major differences. The final choice resides with you, the student. And hey, there’s always the double major of finance and economics.