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Bangladeshi Students’ Advantages of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad has never been a hot topic among Bangladeshi students in the last decade. The trend of studying abroad has gained enormous appeal among Bangladeshi students due to a variety of considerations with the majority of candidates choosing foreign universities based on career advancement. I must add that the desire for a worldwide education has a better living environment, opportunities for cultural learning and personal growth which can be influential elements. According to current statistics, the number of Bangladeshi students pursuing higher education overseas is rapidly increasing. Student recruiting firms invest heavily in marketing from social media to roadside signs. We have also observed a significant increase in employment in Bangladesh education sector.

According to a report, 45,000 Bangladeshi students would travel to study abroad in 2020, which is a considerable increase over prior years. For Bangladeshi students, the top destinations were the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Though the numbers fell slightly due to the pandemic as many countries prohibited travel until 2022. Economic progress and prosperity in many places of Bangladesh enable young people to pursue their ambitions of studying at a foreign university with tuition costs that are double or more than 300% higher than in their native country. If you look back 15 years, studying in a first world country was not an easy procedure. Students have to manage their finances by selling land or properties or applying for scholarship to study overseas. Bangladesh has also increased the number of private universities while improving the quality of its state universities. Many good institutions in the United Kingdom, The United States and other nations regard Bangladeshi universities degree programs and teaching techniques to be of higher quality. This allows graduates to accept direct admissions often without the need for an English test certificate as foreign nationals. Many private and public institutions are collaborating with international universities on exchange programs providing value by exchanging courses in a blended learning environment. These are vital for students to understand since university accreditation and cooperation status with overseas universities not only add value to their degree but also allow students to enroll in foreign universities with flexible entry standards. However, the local school have a fairly limited number of degree programs and subjects. Furthermore, universities in Bangladesh invest very little in research possibilities. Specifically, if you are interested in IT, Technology, Engineering or Environmental research or advance knowledge for your higher level education, Bangladesh is not a normal area to study. Furthermore, international universities frequently provide cutting edge research opportunities and cutting edge facilities, which improve education quality and provide students with practical skills. That is one of the main reason for studying abroad.

There are many other advantages as well. International universities facilitate most updated learning environment to make students ready for a competitive job market. And compared to developed counties, Bangladesh is quite far behind. For example, you will have access to modern accommodation, latest software, study related materials online, etc. But such amenities and facilities are limited in my country. Also, international universities in the developed countries are consistently ranked top in the world. Students from our country can mix up with other international students from different cultures. In this way, you can make a strong international network, improve communication skills and get a global perspective. Studying abroad will also help you to develop or improve English language skills. You will also have a chance to learn a new language.

The growing trend of Bangladeshi students studying abroad is a positive indicator in many respects and there is a bright future for the students not only overseas but also in Bangladesh as a developing country requires. The country will be delighted to have them as a part of its advancement.