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Sandwich Courses in the UK

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In the United Kingdom, a Sandwich Course is a degree program in which you work for 9 months to a year before returning to classes for the rest of the program. These courses are clearly longer than a standard degree, but the benefit is that universities generally provide you with a placement, and this work experience is quite valuable when you graduate and begin looking for a job.

Types of Sandwich Courses in the UK

There are two types of sandwich courses: Thin Sandwich Courses and Thick Sandwich Courses.

  1. Throughout the year, thin sandwich courses include two to three internships or six months of work.
  2. Thick sandwich courses consist of a single one-year internship or work experience in a company. These organizations, companies, and institutions usually have an affiliation to the primary university. This helps the student in getting approvals or offers to work immediately.

Unfortunately, sandwich courses are not available at all universities. Internships can range in length from four weeks to three months, and they are available in nearly every industry. Placements offered at these universities can cover both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and subjects can range from STEM to business, social science to fine arts. Some popular universities in the UK offering placement are: University of Hertfordshire, University of Wolverhampton, Ulster University, University of Greenwich, Middlesex University, De Montfort University, Portsmouth University, Canterbury Christ Church University, University College Birmingham (UCB), etc. And these courses might include MSc International Business with Placement Year, MSc Advanced Computer Science with Placement Year, BA (Hons) Business Management with Sandwich Placement, MSc Cyber Security with Placement Year, BA Fashion Design, etc.

Benefits of Pursuing Sandwich Courses in UK                                                        

The biggest advantage of getting a sandwich degree is the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Students learn to balance practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

  • Sandwich courses prepare students for their industry. For instance, mechanical engineering students can get placements with top industry players like Spirit AeroSystems, Caterpillar, McLaren F1, Michelin and Rolls Royce etc.
  • Some courses like non-vocational sandwich degrees that include an additional year of study abroad, the student will gain new cultural and language experiences. For some language courses, primary universities provide students funding to cover students’ expenses abroad.
  • Sandwich courses, undoubtedly, provide students with the advantage of being more skilled at work than conventional study courses.
  • Multiple internships throughout the year for international students who wish to apply for post study work visas in the UK.
  • Sandwich courses allow students to earn money during the program and gain valuable networking skills and opportunities in the relevant industry.