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Complete guide to the Pearson Test of English for Academics

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What is PTE

PTE, whose full form is the Pearson Test of English, is an exam that is attempted by the students of non-English speaking countries who want to join the colleges or universities of English speaking countries. This is a computer-based English language test that is accepted by many colleges, universities or other educational institutes of many countries.

PTE Academic

This is the most important exam if you want to study in an English speaking country. You can give this exam any month in the whole year; you can check the exam dates on the official website of Pearson PTE. This exam has four tests: Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing, and candidates have to get enough scores in all four sections. It is a computer-based exam; you have to go to the exam centre of Pearson, they will provide you with computers and then you can give your exam. The validity of the PTE Academic exam is 2 Years.

Test Modules

There are four tests that happen in the PTE exam; Speaking, Writing, Reading, And Listening.


The only criteria it has is that the candidate’s age has to be a minimum of 16 years. Another rule, If the candidate’s age is less than 18 years, then candidates have to give information about parental consent. Candidates can give this exam as many times as they want. There is no maximum age barrier also. For this exam, you have to give basic information about your age, parental consent, grades etc.

How to register for the PTE Exam

  • First, go to the official website of Pearson Pte (
  • Create an account on the website and log in
  • Book a test, select available schedule
  • Pay registration fees, your PTE academic exam will be booked.

Why take the PTE Exam

  • Many universities in different countries accept the PTE scores.
  • PTE is a computer-based test that AI checks, so you get fair results based on your performance.
  • You can get your PTE exam result within five days.
  • If you want to immigrate to Australia, then having a good PTE score will help you a little in this process.
  • You can prepare for this exam from your home; there are many online methods to do this.

Countries in which colleges or universities accept PTE academic scores are United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, and Germany.