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How to book student accommodation outside campus?

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Are you looking to book student accommodation but are not sure where to start from? Check out this guide to find out how quick and easy booking your student home can be. There are several resources to book off campus accommodation for students:

  • Research about different types of off-campus accommodation available for students

It can be quite confusing for students to choose the perfect one. That’s why it is vital to make sure you choose to keep all your requirements and budget in mind. Some primary types of accommodation include: university managed rooms, studio apartment, shared apartment, townhouse, etc.

A university-managed room is the most common choice for foreign students in the UK. Unlike other student housing in the UK, sharing accommodation allows sharing spaces and other amenities between a group ranging from 4-6 people, which readily reduces the burden of rent on each student and makes sure they enjoy their stay with maximum fun-loving company of similar-minded students.

  • Book online through different websites:

There are many options available for students to book online such as:

  6. 4stay

Make sure to check all of them and see which one offers you the best deal in terms of proximity to the university, rental price, deposit and payment information, amenities and facilities, room types, etc. 

Most accommodation can be booked online by paying a minimum deposit which varies from place to accommodation type. You can also call to make payment by phone where you will need a credit card or debit card.  But make sure to know the kinds of payment that is accepted. Read the payment policies and contract before finalizing payment.

  • Local Real Estate Agents:

International students can also seek the help of local real estate agents to find suitable accommodation. These agents have a good knowledge of the local housing market and can provide students with a range of options that fit their budgets and preferences. Real estate agents can also help students navigate the rental process, negotiate rental agreements, and provide guidance on local housing regulations.

  • You can find information on Social Media:

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can also be useful resources for international students looking for accommodation. Many universities have dedicated social media groups for international students, where they can connect with other students and share information on available housing options. Additionally, many local rental groups and pages can also be found on social media platforms, providing students with a way to access local rental listings.

  • Timing is crucial for international students

As many students prioritize getting their visa before booking accommodation, it is important to know when the best time is for you to book the accommodation. During your stay abroad, you’ll find various student housing being fully booked well in advance before even reaching the destination.