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8 secrets flight attendants can save your life

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You often have a lot of thoughts on your way to the airport, especially if the weather is bad. Sometimes, flight delays due to weather conditions can cause “silent” panic among passengers.

Flight attendants can be a group of professionals who have the best travel skills to save your life and help you survive a difficult flight. Since most of them spend at least 100 hours a month in the skies, traveling through many terminals and learning the intricacies of airplanes and what to do in an emergency, you’ll want to read up on their many travel secrets.

If you book a front row center aisle on a long-haul flight, you may get extra legroom. However, the middle seat has a fold-down table that can accommodate a bassinet or crib. So you’re most likely sitting next to the baby.

Why open windows during takeoff and landing

Passengers open the blinds during takeoff and landing, not to enjoy the view but for safety reasons. Passengers therefore become extra eyes and ears on the emergency situations that often occur during takeoff and landing.

Although the crew was alert during this period, their knowledge of what was going on on the aircraft was limited. For example, if you sit near the wing and can see the engine, you can help alert the crew to a fuel leak or engine failure.

Opening the curtains, on the other hand, will allow your eyes to adjust to outdoor lighting conditions.

Bring some herbal tea bags
You can de-stress on board when you drink herbal tea, especially the caffeine-free variety. Additionally, drinking herbal tea can hydrate you and reduce flight anxiety. You have the option to request a cup of hot water from the flight attendant.

When is the best time to fly?
Since many destinations offer passengers multiple flights throughout the day, the best time to fly is early in the morning. In the morning, the weather is less likely to delay your flight, and if there were delays the day before, you will find the system resets in the morning.

Travel with a frozen water bottle in a snack box
A growling stomach in the sky can be a nightmare, especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the plane. You can pack your food in a collapsible lunch box to avoid the stress of spending more or going hungry.

Additionally, you can buy frozen water bottles at the airport to keep your food cool. Once the ice begins to melt, it becomes drinkable.The purpose of a frozen water bottle is to help your food taste better, especially those foods that must be kept cool.

What if my flight is delayed?
You don’t have to feel angry when your flight is delayed because everyone is in the same boat. .Instead, consider speaking with a flight attendant who can assist you in making a prompt and informed decision.

How to overcome jet lag?
If your flight crosses a time zone, you must not oversleep or disrupt your body clock. You should be well rested and quickly acclimated to the new time zone before your flight.

Remember to exercise, eat nutritious foods, stay hydrated, and stay in sync with your body.

Should the blinds be closed or opened?
If you are taking a night flight, close the blinds so as not to disturb other people’s sleep. However, during takeoff and landing, you will need to open the blinds for safety reasons.

Secrets of the best flight attendants
· When passengers die on board, they are left in their seats, wrapped in blankets to make it appear they are sleeping, until landing.

· The flight attendants can serve you alcohol on board, and if the flight is not full, you can get a free drink.

· When you step onto a plane and a flight attendant greets you, two things happen:

1) Initially, they might verify if you are under the influence of alcohol.

2) They check that you are healthy and strong in case of an emergency.

· You should wipe down the tray table as it may not be disinfected or cleaned between flights.

· Did you know that something could go wrong with the plane you’re on and there’s nothing you can do about it? Aircraft have a MEL (“minimum equipment list”) so they can malfunction but still be safe enough to fly.

· Be polite to the crew as they can talk during the flight and can easily fool you. Plus, they know some of the secret things you try to do during long flights.

Finally, when you accidentally damage a seat handle, tray, or something else, you should contact the flight attendant and enter it in the flight log for repair. Don’t lie about any damage because they will find out.