You are currently viewing UK Travel Advice for Bangladeshi Students in response to COVID-19

UK Travel Advice for Bangladeshi Students in response to COVID-19

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UK Govt recently imposed new rules for the international students entering to the UK from a red list countries! and they have been named Bangladesh a red list country. If you’re planning to visit the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic what requirements do you have to meet in response to COVID-19?


Red list rules

What you must-do if you have been in a country or territory on the red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England.

You must follow these rules even if you have been fully vaccinated.

If you have been in a country or territory on the red list in the last 10 days you will only be allowed to enter the UK if you are a British or Irish National, or you have residence rights in the UK.

There is separate guidance on what you need to do if you are travelling abroad from England.


Before you travel to England

Before you travel to England you must:

When you arrive in England

When you arrive in England you must:

Booking and staying in a quarantined hotel if you’ve been in a red list country

How to book a quarantine hotel and coronavirus (COVID-19) tests if you’ve been in a red list country in the 10 days before you arrive in England

Managed quarantine in a hotel: what it is

To stop the spread of potentially harmful variants into the UK, stricter measures are in place for people who have been in a red list country in the 10 days before they arrive.

Everyone who arrives into England and has been in a red list country must quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 full days from the point of their arrival. The day of arrival in England will be treated as day 0.

See more information about what to expect if you’re going into hotel quarantine, including help and support.

You will need to agree to book and pay for a quarantine package before you complete your passenger locator form and board your return journey to the UK.

How much you’ll need to pay

1 adult in 1 room for 10 days (11 nights)£2,285
Additional rate for 1 adult (or child over 11)£1,430
Additional rate for a child aged 5 to 11£325

There’s no charge for children under 5.

The cost of managed quarantine includes food, transport, security, testing and essential wraparound services, such as medical care and welfare checks.

Package prices are always under review so that costs are fully covered by travellers​.

If you have to extend your stay because of a positive day 2 or day 8 test you will not be charged extra.

You may be able to apply for an alternative payment arrangement if you’re facing significant financial hardship as a result of these charges.

You can only apply for an alternative payment arrangement if you’re eligible.

If you provide false information or leave out key information when applying, you will be committing fraud and may be prosecuted.

Book your quarantine hotel (through CTM)

If you’re having difficulty booking call +44 (0)20 7429 9732.

If you have not arranged a quarantine package before arriving in England, you can be fined up to £4,000. You will still have to pay for your quarantine package on arrival.

Where you can arrive

If you’re required to quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel you can only arrive in England at certain ports of entry. Currently these are:

  • Heathrow Airport
  • Gatwick Airport
  • London City Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Bristol Airport
  • Farnborough Airport
  • Biggin Hill Airport

Other ports of entry may be added in the future.

Carriers are not permitted to carry anyone who has been in a red list country in the previous 10 days to any other port of entry than those specified.

Direct flights from red list countries must arrive at dedicated red list terminals. Currently these are at London Heathrow and Birmingham Airport.

Quarantining in a managed quarantine hotel

When you arrive at the managed quarantine hotel you will be required to quarantine in your room for 10 full days. The managed quarantine hotel will provide your meals.

It is not possible to select a particular room at the managed quarantine hotel or to seek a higher standard room when you arrive.

You can quarantine with the people you travelled with and hotels will prioritise allocating larger or connecting rooms to families.


You cannot have visitors in quarantine, including friends or family, unless they’re providing:

  • emergency assistance
  • care or assistance, including personal care
  • medical assistance
  • veterinary services
  • certain critical public services


If you have items delivered to you during the quarantine period (such as food deliveries), they will be brought to the door of your room by the managed quarantine hotel staff.

Staff will try to bring the items to you as soon as possible. However, given the need to maintain compliance with COVID guidelines, deliveries may not be able to be brought to your door immediately when they arrive at the hotel.

Services available in your hotel

The hotel will provide you with information about the services available, including food, laundry and free wifi.

The hotels selected for managed quarantine are able to meet the vast majority of requirements and will be able to accommodate dietary requirements.

Medical care and prescriptions

You should bring your prescription medicines with you. You will be able to access NHS healthcare via 111 (or your normal GP) to seek medical attention, including for repeat prescriptions and/or if you need to fill a prescription. Please inform the medical staff at the hotel on arrival if you anticipate any issues.

Leaving your room

You will only be allowed to leave your room in very limited circumstances including:

  • to travel directly to leave the Common Travel Area – you will be given instructions when leaving on how to reduce the risk of infection while you travel through the UK to leave, if you are not taken directly to the port of exit by the hotel transportation
  • to fulfil a legal obligation including attending court or satisfying bail conditions or to participate in legal proceedings
  • to exercise but only with special permission from security. This is not guaranteed
  • in exceptional circumstances, such as:
    • seeking medical assistance where this is required urgently or on the advice of a registered medical practitioner
    • to avoid injury, illness or escape a risk of harm (for example situations such as fire or flooding, or cases where domestic abuse occurs within a group quarantining together)
    • to access critical public services including social services or services provided to victims (for example critical access such as for a child to see their social worker)
    • to access veterinary services where required urgently or on the advice of a veterinary surgeon (only service animals, such as guide dogs, can accompany you to managed quarantine)

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