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Common mistakes students make during video interviews

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So, students applying to UK universities have to give a Pre CAS interview and it is mostly taken in a video call. You may utilize this as an opportunity to shine and impress your employers’ interviewers with your skills with a little preparation and confidence. Here are our best recommendations for acing that your video pre CAS interview (PCI).

  1. Internet and Network connection
    Many students face network/ internet issues during their PCI. Thus make sure to give your interview from somewhere with stable network and internet.
  2. Tech Gadgets
    Many college students utilize webcams or headphones of poor quality. If you can’t afford them, consider borrowing high-quality devices, but keep in mind that this could influence how your interview turns out.
  3. Surroundings
    Many interviewers have told me that students don’t have the right background or surroundings when they give their PCI; so, make sure to be alone and that the room is locked (to avoid people walking in). Be careful not to cheat during your PCI by reading through papers with written answers stuck to the walls or kept aside. Additionally, avoid sitting close to any windows because outside shadows can potentially raise doubts.
  4. Be an early comer
    Join the call or log in on the specified app at least 5/10 minutes before the scheduled time. You could also download the app and use it beforehand for ease of access.
  5. Eye contact and posture
    Many interviewers have told me that students don’t maintain adequate eye contact throughout the video interview and instead glance elsewhere. And some don’t keep their posture correct, so be sure to maintain these.
    If you have any questions in the conclusion, be sure to ask them because asking questions will not harm anything but in fact leave a good impression. And to add a personal touch, always thank them with a smile after the interview is done.