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Top 10 UK Universities Scholarships

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Studying in the UK is a farfetched dream for many students in terms of fees and funding.
Financial hardship is an issue for a lot of students with enough talent in and outside of
academics. Though it may be affordable to many students worldwide, it is indeed one of the
biggest barriers between a student and their dream. For those who have what it takes to fulfill
their goals, the UK has a wide range of scholarships to help ease their steps toward their dream.
From a little bit of funding to a full free scholarship, the UK has almost all categories of
scholarships to grab on. Here are the top 10 UK scholarships for you to consider for applying.

  1. Chevening Scholarship:
    The UK government’s overseas scholarship program is called Chevening. They provide
    fellowships to study in the UK for a year on a fully financed master’s degree program.
    These awards are supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
    and partner organizations.
    Successful Chevening applicants come from a wide variety of nations and backgrounds,
    but they all exhibit the drive, vision, and abilities necessary to create a better world.
    Being chosen has several advantages, including completely covered tuition costs, access
    to some of the highest quality education available anywhere, special networking
    possibilities, and the opportunity to see the rich diversity of the UK’s culture.
  2. GREAT Scholarship:
    For a variety of one-year taught postgraduate courses, GREAT Scholarships offers
    students from Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia,
    Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam the chance to receive £10,000
    toward their tuition costs.
    Each scholarship is co-funded by the British Council and partner UK higher education
    institutions under the GREAT Britain Campaign of the UK government. All GREAT
    students will get invitations to a welcoming event and a networking event as part of the
    program in the first and second semesters, respectively.
  3. Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries:
    Students from developing Commonwealth nations who desire to pursue master’s
    studies in the UK are eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarships. The UK Department
    for International Development is responsible for funding these scholarships (DFID). Each
    scholarship covers expenses such as air travel to and from the UK, tuition, and
    assessment costs, as well as personal maintenance, a thesis award (if necessary), and an
    initial entrance allowance.
  4. Gates Cambridge Scholarships:
    Outstanding candidates from any nation outside of the UK are given Gates Cambridge
    Scholarships to study a full-time postgraduate degree in any topic offered at the
    University of Cambridge. The complete cost of attending Cambridge University is
    covered by a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Also, it offers discretionary money that is
  5. University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships:
    Most Sussex Schools offer University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships,
    which are given to non-EU international students who have applied for and been
    offered a place in one of the university’s eligible full-time Postgraduate Taught degrees
    on the basis of their academic performance and potential. The scholarship is available
    for one year and offers a 50% tuition fee discount for international students.
  6. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:
    To attract the brightest and greatest foreign students to the University of Bristol, Bristol
    University is investing £500,000. For University-offered Courses, Think Big
    Undergraduate and Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships are available. The scholarships
    for tuition fees range from £6,500 to £26,000.
  7. UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarships:
    Under the UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship, overseas students from low-income
    families are encouraged to enroll in full-time undergraduate degree programs at UCL.
    There are 10 scholarships for full tuition fees and maintenance and 20 awards for full
    tuition fees. The scholarship is valid for the length of the program as usual.
  8. University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships:
    Each year, the University of the West of England, Bristol awards overseas students with
    scholarships totaling more than £100,000 in value. This applies to the Chancellor’s
    Scholarship, for which an internship with the International Development Office and
    other departments is a requirement. For one academic year, the scholarship pays the
    whole cost of tuition.
  9. Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham:
    International students from developing Commonwealth member who desire to pursue a
    master’s degree at the University of Nottingham and contribute to the growth of their
    home nation are eligible for the Developing Solutions Scholarships. A total of 105
    scholarships are given out each year, covering 50% of tuition for 75 recipients and the
    entire cost of tuition for 30 recipients.
  10. International Undergraduate Merit Scholarships at University of Sheffield:
    The University of Sheffield are offering 50% tuition fee scholarships for international
    students to study an undergraduate degree programme starting in autumn 2023.