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Apply through MOI in the UK

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A Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI) is the certificate which states the language in which you completed your degree education. It is not necessary that the instruction language is the official language of the country or state. The first language used by the student during some or all part of his schooling is the medium of instruction. It is also possible that the medium of instruction is two languages or more. If the student is well-versed or instructed in two languages or more, it is bilingual or multilingual classes respectively.

Documents Required for MOI

To apply for the medium of instruction certificate, it is necessary to submit certain documents through an email or other modes of communication to the college or university. Sometimes, the universities state a list of documents needed in order to get the document. Here are some common documents you can need:

  • Application
  • Form/letter of Intent
  • Academic transcripts
  • Degree Certificates
  • ID proof
  • Address proof

MOI accepted Universities in UK

University of Portsmouth: Another popular university for Bangladeshi students. The University of Portsmouth has a list of approved Bangladeshi universities. Portsmouth University has great options for studying postgraduate degrees in the UK. The university accepts other types of English tests as well periodically. You should keep an eye on our website for Portsmouth’s latest tuition fees, scholarships and other updated information.

University for the Creative Arts (UCA): UCA is very popular among Bangladeshi students studying in the UK. Especially their Business school programs are very popular for international students. UCA is one of the UK’s top-rated and largest specialized creative arts universities.

The University of South Wales: The University of South Wales (USW) has categorized lists of Bangladeshi institutes to approve MOI-listed universities. South wales welcomed Bangladeshi students for many years to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Other UK universities accept MOI letters: The above three universities regularly accept MOI as an IELTS alternative. Other UK institutes periodically consider MOI as proof of language proficiency. The University of Suffolk, the University of Brighton, and the University of Huddersfield are among the few accepted selected Bangladeshi university MOI.