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Duolingo Accepted universities in the UK

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There are many universities around the world that accept the Duolingo English Test (DET) as a valid assessment of English language proficiency.

From TOEFL to IELTS to PTE, there’s lots of different English language admissions tests you can take to study abroad, all with different costs, requirements and test centre locations. However, there’s a simpler alternative accepted by over 3,000 institutions (and counting) across the world that allows you to take the test online anytime, anywhere in less than an hour.

Duolingo costs just $49 which is a fraction of the price of most other certification tests. Also, you’ll get your results in two days which means you can share your English proficiency with anyone.

Let’s look at the list of some UK universities that accept Duolingo:

University of Portsmouth

University of Roehampton

Solent University

University of Westminster

University of Southampton