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How to book student accommodations on campus?

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It’s a good idea to check how to apply for accommodation at the university or universities you’re interested in. Living on campus may be a little more costly than other housing alternatives, but it also has several advantages, such as being closer to the universities and being safer than other options. Most importantly, most student housing has all-inclusive fees that include utility bills.

To apply for on-campus housing, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to the university website that you applied to and go to their accommodation section. Follow the instructions to apply.

You will see a lot of information on the accommodation page. For example, location, map, distance from campus, type of accommodation on campus (undergraduate or postgraduate), amenities and facilities, etc. Think about the kind of place you’d like to live in and choose the right hall of residence. Everyone has their own preference. Some students jump at the chance to share an apartment, whereas some might prefer a shared house on campus, some may prefer to live alone in an apartment, etc. Make sure to have an international credit card if you apply from Bangladesh.

  • Go to the university in person and book accommodations.

Visiting university campuses and accommodations is by far the best way to see where you could live and really get a feel for what it’s like.

  1. Go to an open day and get a tour of the university and their accommodation options
  2. Arrange your own visit on a more convenient day
  3. Look at virtual tours to explore university facilities and accommodations online
  • Think about what your budget might be

Student accommodation varies in shapes and sizes and, of course, in cost. Rent varies depending on where it is and what amenities are nearby or on-site. Some accommodations include more bills than others, so it’s worth thinking about what your budget might be and what you can afford.

When you apply for accommodation online, you usually have to pay a minimum deposit fee of 200–300 pounds. In most cases, depending on the university policy, the deposit will be refunded if you cancel it before the class starts. Otherwise, there may be a partial refund or no refund at all, depending on the duration of the cancellation. While there is no guarantee that you will get the accommodation that you want, you must try to book accommodation as soon as you can.