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Study aerospace engineering at Cranfield University

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For over 75 years, Cranfield University has been a leader in the global aerospace technology industry, delivering exceptional postgraduate education and training. Cranfield hosts more than half of the annual aerospace engineering master’s students in the UK and offers the most extensive range of specialized aerospace postgraduate degrees in the country. Drawing students globally, their aerospace and aviation master’s programs are renowned for their blend of academic excellence and a robust industry-oriented approach. Cranfield’s contributions span the entirety of the aviation spectrum, shaping the future of Aircraft, Airports, Airlines, and Airspace Management.


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree. (In Related subject)

English Language Requirement:

IELTS: 6.5 overall and 5.5 in all skill components.

Pearson PTE: 65 overall and 59 in all skill components.

Some Offered Courses:

  • Advanced Air Mobility Systems MSc
  • Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures MSc
  • Aerospace Computational Engineering MSc
  • Aerospace Dynamics MSc
  • Aerospace Manufacturing MSc

Why Study aerospace engineering at Cranfield University

Accredited courses

Many of their courses are accredited by leading institutions to help students on their future path to chartered status.


According to student survey, 95% of graduates are working or in further study or volunteering. This University is recognized through a combination of industry relevance, academic excellence, the reputation of the graduates and the support from their Careers and Employability Service. Cranfield University’s alumni go on to have prosperous careers in aerospace, aviation and space related industries.

Group projects & Industry links

This is a unique component of many of CU’s MSc courses, many sponsored by industry. These projects provide an invaluable experience of delivering a collaborative project in a team environment, designed to mimic typical sector working environments.

Their specialized master’s courses are designed in close collaboration, and reviewed annually, by a panel of industry partners and experts to ensure content remains industry-relevant to ensure you will be career ready when graduating.


Cranfield University’s unique facilities support both education and research. There has been over £100m of recent investment in the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) and the Aerospace Integration Research Centre (AIRC). In addition to their global research airport, they have a 1799m runway, they also have their own aircraft and academic flying staff, aircraft navigation service provider and fuel farm. Additionally they house a range of wind tunnels and flight simulators.

Flight experiences

On selected MScs you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Student Experience Flight and conduct in-flight experiments in the National Flying Laboratory Centre.

In this University international students get to choose from a wide range of course list and acquire the practical skills required for their future career. The courses offered here are accredited, with a solid structured curriculum and various simulation modules. So in terms of Aerospace Engineering and related fields Cranfield University is one of the best places for your academic progression.