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Australian Universities that Accept PTE Scores

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Australia emerges as a highly sought-after destination for international scholars. Renowned for
their academic prowess and wide-ranging academic programs, Australia houses numerous
prestigious universities. Among the standardized tests recognized by Australian academic
institutions, the Pearson Test of English (PTE) holds significant prominence. We have prepared
this section so that you can learn about the Australian Universities that are accepting PTE, also
the importance and implications of PTE score in your admission process.
Firstly you must know what is a PTE?
PTE, known as the Pearson Test of English, serves as an evaluation tool for individuals aiming to
gauge their English language proficiency for academic or professional pursuits in English-
speaking settings. This examination measures competence across reading, writing, listening,
and speaking abilities through computer-based assessments. The scores attained in PTE hold
global recognition and are embraced by various institutions worldwide, including esteemed
universities in Australia.
What are the Benefits of Opting for Universities in Australia that Recognize PTE Scores?
Universities in Australia readily accept PTE scores, offering applicants a flexible pathway to
showcase their English proficiency. PTE distinguishes itself by utilizing AI technology, ensuring
an accurate and impartial assessment of language abilities. This standardized methodology
fosters equitable evaluation practices for all examinees. Additionally, PTE delivers swift results,
typically within five business days, enabling applicants to promptly furnish their scores for
university admissions. With numerous test centers situated worldwide, PTE ensures
convenience and accessibility for candidates across the globe. These factors collectively make
selecting a PTE-accepted university in Australia a prudent choice.

PTE accepted Top 15 Universities in Australia
University Minimum
PTE Score

Courses Accepting PTE

University of Melbourne 58 MBA , MS Data Science , MS Nursing Science etc.
University of Sydney 58 Graduate Diploma Project Management, Graduate
Diploma Logistics and Supply Chain Management

University of Queensland 64 MBA , BIT, MS Applied Data Analytics, MS
Computer Network, MA Marketing Management

Monash University 58 MS Data Science, MBA, MS Nursing, BS Computer

Science, etc.

University of New South Wales 64 Ph.D. Art, Design and Media, Ph.D. Geography
University of Western Australia 64 MS Industrial and Organizational Psychology,
Graduate Diploma Clinical Psychology, Graduate

Certificate Finance, etc.

University of Adelaide 58 to 65 MS Data Science, MBA, MS Clinical Nursing etc.
University of Technology

58 MSc Computer Science and Engineering, MS
Nursing, MSc Business, MSc Data Science etc.
University of Tasmania 50 to 65 MSc Pharmacy, MSc in Computer Science, MBA etc.

RMIT University 58 to 65 MBA, MN, BN, MIT etc.
University of Canberra 50 to 65 Courses ranging from business, computer science, public health etc.

University of Newcastle 50
law and
courses will
higher score)

Courses ranging from business, computer science,
social sciences, etc.

Macquarie University 58 to 65 29 pathways courses and 150+ programs for
undergraduates, postgraduates, and research

Curtin University has 58 Courses ranging from business, law, and computer

science, social sciences, etc.

The roster of Australian universities accepting PTE extends far beyond the mentioned 15
institutions. This underscores the widespread global acknowledgment of PTE Academic
certification. So call us today to find the right university and course for your higher education.