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5 things you should never do when applying to study abroad

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If studying abroad is a priority for you, this article is for you.

Applying to study abroad is a great feat and deserves praise.

You are on the right track.

There are probably a thousand and one things you can do right while studying abroad. However, just a few mistakes can derail your efforts and render your painstaking process ineffective.

You see, some people are made to believe that asking questions makes you stupid.

They insist that expressing their concerns makes them appear ignorant, which in some ways translates into stupidity.

You really can’t know everything.

Asking questions or seeking answers demonstrates your desire for facts.

People will naturally be drawn to helping you. Asking the right questions actually proves that you are smart and want to be showered with knowledge.

Holding on to misinformation or your own inadequate beliefs can inadvertently lead to some mistakes.

100% avoidable mistakes

But luckily you’re reading this and you’ll probably ask the right questions at the end.

Never make the following mistakes when applying to study abroad:

1] Untimely

Disregarding time-sensitive requests is one way to confirm that a villager has successfully accosted you.

Unfortunately, leaving things to the last minute is a very Nigerian thing to do.

If you plan to leave the country in search of better options, make sure you have all your documents ready in advance.

Don’t leave anything to chance.

Very orderly.

2] No proper research

Sometimes, in the process of seeking immigration, young people miss out on the most important elements of their studies.

You must choose your destination carefully.

What influenced your decision to study abroad?

Will you choose your favorite university based on rankings? Under accreditation? Based on course availability? Under their graduate retention scheme?

You need to find the answers to these questions and decide for yourself whether they are fully consistent with your values.

Get professional advice from study abroad experts to guide you in the right direction.

3] Luxury consumption


It’s true that when you apply to study abroad, it’s expensive.

Tuition is not beans.

The cost of living can also be quite expensive (depending on the study destination and place of residence you have to choose).

However, you should pay attention to your finances and spend your money wisely.

Be wary of institutions that require huge sums of money to process applications that promise a lot but still don’t deliver.

Plan and calculate everything accordingly.

4 Exit after rejection

Sometimes, after you submit your application with all the correct documents, you still receive a rejection email.

It really hurts.

However, you shouldn’t dwell on the pain.

You should stand up and push forward.

There are a million and one study destinations and schools that are begging to host international students, with some benefits attached.

5] Have a zero backup plan

There is truth to the saying that if you fail to plan, you are already planning to fail.

When applying to study abroad, you should know that, no matter how safe, this adventure is not just available to every Sola, Ebuka, or Halima.

If you are rejected for some reason, you should have a backup plan.

Don’t exhaust all your actions on one option.

When your original plans fall through, it’s wise to have a few options to fall back on.